1,500 scientists call for a repeal of the eighth amendment


In the lead-up to the recent referendum campaign, I founded and convened the ‘Scientists for Yes’ campaign platform. During this time we received over 1,500 signatures from Ireland’s scientific community, calling for a repeal of the eighth amendment.

You can read our letter, published in the Irish Independent below.

Dear Editor,

We, the 1,200 undersigned individuals, write as a group of professional scientists and members of Ireland’s scientific community, but primarily as citizens or residents of Ireland, in support of the proposed repeal of the 8th amendment. We are committed to making our contribution to an evidence-based, rational, innovation-led society and we advocate that people undertake a careful examination of the legal, medical, and scientific evidence, including a critical assessment of the sources and probable veracity of any claims made, before deciding how they wish to vote.  We value the process of coming to an evidence-based decision. This process critiques the diverse range of evidence presented, where an open mind is balanced by a healthy degree of scepticism. In this regard we commend the Citizens’ Assembly and the Joint Oireachtas Committee, who undertook careful evidence-gathering exercises before delivering their reports. We commend also the politicians and members of civic society, who have honestly and openly acknowledged how they were compelled by the evidence and the personal testimony of many brave individuals to support a yes vote.  The 8th amendment was inserted on a wave of negative emotions; let it be washed away by a flood of reason, evidence and compassion.

Yours etc,






The full list of signatories can be found at: http://www.scientistsforyes.com


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