Give Us The Night!


Give Us The Night is a campaign that is highlighting the contribution of the night-time industry to culture, community and the economy in Ireland. Although I wish that there was no need for this campaign, as a former bartender I was happy to attend their re-launch in the Sugar Club and am very supportive of their key aims:

  • To support, nurture and reframe the conversation around nightlife and the night-time economy in Ireland. 
  • To highlight the economic value and societal benefits of a diverse and vibrant Irish night-time industry.
  • To contribute to the creation of jobs and sustainable indigenous businesses within the night-time industry, and to broaden employment opportunities for those operating in the creative arts. 
  • To ensure that Ireland adopts a more progressive European approach to nightlife, that reflects the wide range of lifestyles and working hours here.

You can follow the campaign and sign up for updates here:

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